Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco is a wood-based alliance between two strong brands: Sonae Indústria and Arauco. This partnership involves the European and South African market and related operations of Sonae Indústria.

In addition to the base products, typically denominated as raw products​, Sonae Arauco is with the Innovus Collection also renowned in the world of interior architecture and design. The Innovus Collection is one of the most comprehensive decor ranges worldwide and unifies herewith Sonae Arauco’s global service offering.

Sonae Arauco is with a global presence of 23 industrial / commercial units, 3.000 employees in 9 countries / 2 continents and 4.185 million m3 production capacity one of the largest wood- based panel producers in the world and excellently equipped to develop and produce an extensive and high quality product portfolio. Our product solutions can be found in over 80 countries, taking our inspiration everywhere.

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